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for Companies and Individuals Seeking Professional, Ethical and Mutually Profitable Business Links.

International Business Links delivers top-tier international business opportunities, opens new markets, and develops multicultural business/team management planning for strategic enterprises of all sizes.


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Explore International Business Opportunities

Business development & sales strategy consultations for organizations who need a global presence, or are looking to expand to new markets

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Navigate Traditions & Local Cultures

Decades of personal and professional international experience to navigate cultural differences and manage foreign etiquette and protocol

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Develop A Global Professional Network

Global market connections across multiple industries and verticals, all carefully vetted through personal, relationship-based networks

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Why IBL?


Extensive International Experience

We have traveled and lived all over the world, speak multiple languages, and have a passion for meeting people and embracing diverse cultures. We have spent decades learning the nuances of working in different markets, while simultaneously building business relationships and growing friendships over Feijoada in Brazil, Baijiu in China, karaoke in Korea, and football games in Europe.

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Global Market Access

Our personal, relationship-based networks span the globe and can connect companies and individuals that are already operating internationally, as well as assist those that are just getting started and looking for information and guidance.

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Personalized Service for Busy Executives

We know there are many large international development firms, but our preference to stay small allows us to have a more personal relationship with our clients. We pride ourselves on being always available via your preferred communication channel – be it phone, email, text, WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Kakao Talk or something else.

We like doing business with people we like doing business with, and this approach helps to ensure you like doing business with us as well!

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Flexible Partnership Models

No two projects are ever the same so we work with you to determine what will best fit your needs. Past projects have included everything from basic phone consultations, to short term project-based representation contracts, to long-term customized relationship models… all with the goal of creating and growing international business development strategies. 

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