Our Story

Founded in 2011, International Business Links (IBL) has grown from the vision of a committed group of partners fulfilling their search for professional, independent, ethical and mutually profitable ventures.

We guide companies and individuals through international business development questions to offer profitable, global solutions.…time and time again.


About International Business Links

The mission is simple: provide highly personalized, localized support and guidance to companies looking for connections and solutions to their international business development questions.

We work to connect the best people to the best solutions by identifying synergies and facilitating introductions and new business deals. We bridge the gap between ideas and implementation, by linking up businesses and partners around the globe. We guide companies and individuals through unfamiliar cultural and localization challenges. We offer in-country representation and counsel to companies looking to make inroads to new territories. And we do it all with a highly personalized approach.

Companies come to us for help with strategic planning, sales expansion, international protocol assistance, and internal operations projects. As a niche global consulting company, the IBL network grows stronger with each personal and professional connection made.

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