Case Studies

We work with and represent a variety of premier service providers, boutique retail products, and late-stage R&D projects across multiple industries, as well as independent consultants, investors, and associations. Some past and current projects include:


Waste to Energy

IBL is the exclusive international distributor of Bestech Clean Energy, bringing green technology power plants to regions in need of a zero-pollution solution to dispose of
municipal solid waste while simultaneously generating electricity.

Anti-Money Laundering & Know Your Customer Tools

Working with our partners at Open Financial Services, we have introduced a variety of industry-leading AML, KYC/Customer Due Diligence tools, and API-based platforms to insurance companies around the world.

Organizational Change Management

We have revamped and reorganized the operational and organizational cultures of small and mid-size multi-cultural businesses, creating more cohesive, efficient, and productive workplaces.

Brand and Sales Expansion for Boutique Consumer Goods

A Small Batch, top shelf Scottish Whisky company has turned to us for assistance expanding to Asia, and we are supporting a unique Colombian shoe company to bring their designs to new markets.

Foreign Market Due Diligence

We assist companies and individuals to carry out the critical due diligence necessary before making large purchases or investments in foreign markets, products, or companies.

Company Acquisitions and R&D Funding

Our connections have helped companies in multiple industries to secure funding for new projects and/or identify potential IP buyers, as well as help larger companies locate foreign companies or IP to purchase and acquire.